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SRSLY is a community coalition of youth, parents, schools, coaches, librarians, doctors, nurses, police officers, faith-based organizations, business owners, civic groups, and community members who want to prevent youth substance use and support positive mental health.


Four communities in Michigan have SRSLY coalitions: ChelseaDexter, Manchester, and Stockbridge. Together, the communities have had more than 3,000 volunteers donate their time and energy. Anyone aged 10 and up can join by working on a project, helping at an event, or coming to a meeting. Our strength comes from our members as we work to create positive changes in our community.



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SRSLY Coalitions
High School Friends


SRSLY was founded in Chelsea, Michigan in 2008 by a group of community leaders and concerned citizens. The community was struggling with youth substance abuse, despite having introduced a number of programs and interventions.

The Coghlan Family Foundation recognized the need for something new and different that could create positive, community-wide change. With leaders from Chelsea Hospital and the Chelsea School District, the Coghlans put forth a vision for a community-based prevention initiative and the necessary resources to support such an initiative. The combined energy of the foundation, hospital, and schools inspired leaders from other key community sectors to get involved.

School-based programs were already teaching students about the negative consequences of substance abuse, so SRSLY was developed as a positive, community-based complement to the school programs. As a coalition, SRSLY could implement community-wide strategies with youth, parents, and other adults working together to address the problem.


"SRSLY is important to teens because it offers a reliable platform that spreads awareness about mental health, which can increase the chance of early intervention. It's also a platform of positivity that makes not only my peers but my community feel supported."

— Kayla M. (Chelsea High School, Class of 2023)

"I joined SRSLY because I want to help people that are struggling and are too afraid to reach out."

— Paige, Junior, SRSLY Dexter

“SRSLY is an effective way to get real-life experience with advocacy while making a social change in your community”

— Junior student, Manchester High School

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